Support of Ukrainian colleagues by the European Superconducting Electronics FLUXONICS Society

The current war in Ukraine is placing Ukrainian people and, among them, our scientific colleagues, in a difficult situation. In this context, the FLUXONICS Society, whose goal is to develop Superconductive Electronics in Europe, is proposing to all concerned colleagues in Ukraine seeking help and support in a way or another to contact us  so that we can evaluate together how FLUXONICS and its members can bring pragmatic support.


If you feel concerned contact one or more of the three colleagues below by providing both email and contact number where we can reach you by Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp , ...


Also please forward this message to your Ukrainian colleagues that may feel concerned, so that we can get in touch rapidly with most of the community.




Pascal FEBVRE (University Savoie Mont Blanc - France)

email: Pascal.Febvre@univ-savoie.fr


Ronny STOLZ (Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology - Germany)
email: ronny.stolz@ipht-jena.de


Georges WAYSAND, Physicist

email: waysand@orange.fr

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